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We build custom pc online in Bangalore for Personal & Office & Gaming use.

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A custom-made PC is something that has been manufactured and customised to match the demands of a specific customer. Gaming, video and picture editing, animation, web surfing, and productivity are all reasons why people build computers.


The builder prioritises different sections of the computer based on the functions they require. Individual components, such as the graphics card, CPU, casing, and motherboard, are typically purchased individually in order to obtain the lowest pricing and save money on the final building.

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Benefits of customised PC


  • Parts of Higher Quality
  • Save Money
  • Parts have better warranties
  • Get the Features You Need
  • Flexibility for Expansion

At Koin Mining, we create high-quality, durable computers. We go to great lengths to ensure that we can stand behind what we sell.
We offer the best custom-built desktops in Bangalore for gaming, video editing, Picture editing, animation, web surfing. When it comes to building computers, we have the highest requirements.

Our staffs are made up of experts that would love to learn about your requirements. We make certain that we provide the best solution for consumers while keeping their budget in mind. We learn about what you do and what you require.

Make your own desktop computer with Koin Mining. Each system is meticulously constructed for maximum performance and unsurpassed quality. With a desire to create the highest-performing custom PCs.