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Raptoreum Mining India


Raptoreum is a Cryptocurrency and asset platform that is safe to use.

A safe and ASIC/FPGA resistant Proof of Work Cryptocurrency that also supports asset creation, futures, and smart contracts while staying immune to 51% double-spend assaults.

Raptoreum is developing a simple asset platform that will allow anybody to tokenize anything (non-fungible tokens) with only a few clicks, as well as providing a safe and quick Cryptocurrency that everyone can use.

That same platform will be very versatile, powerful, and scalable, despite its simplicity. DAPP developers will be able to customise their DAPPs using the asset platform and flexible smart contracts.

Raptoreum’s decentralisation and security characteristics make it safe for anybody to use and develop on.

Raptoreum is developing an asset layer that will let anybody can build a non-fungible asset/token quickly and simply. Once smart contracts are introduced, trustless on-chain transactions of these assets will be possible.


Features of Raptoreum Mining

  • ASIC/FPGA Resistant GhostRider Algorithm
  • Easy and Powerful asset platform
  • Raptoreum Futures
  • Multi language smart contracts
  • 51% / Double Spend protection
  • Custom Emissions and rewards


How to Mine Raptoreum? (For windows)

These are the steps you must do next.

  • Open the official site https://raptoreum.com/
  • Click on Downloads and then on wallet
  • Then download and install this wallet raptoreum_1.2.15.3_MAC_64.dmg
  • Then open the wallet it will take some time
  • And now in Label you can write any name
  • Click on request payment
  • There we will get wallet address
  • Now we will install Miner
  • Click on Downloads and then on CPU miner
  • Then download and install this miner cpuminer-gr-
  • Go to downloads and extract the file
  • Edit the config file
  • In URL part copy this “stratum+tcp://stratum.apac-hkg1.suprnova.cc:6273”
  • In user part u have to copy the wallet address and paste there
  • Algo should be gr
  • Now right click on cpuminer and click on run administrator


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